Diwali Poems for Kids in Hindi

  • 05:36:43 pm on October 22, 2010 | 0

    Poems for Diwali

    Naked and fierce,
    Burning with anger,
    Stands the Goddess,
    Great is her hunger.

    Machete in her hands,
    Slashing at her will,
    She knows no bounds,
    And runs around to kill.

    She can’t recognise,
    Sinner or saint,
    In her mission to kill the evils,
    She has lost her restraint.

    And then she steps on something,
    What is it? She looks below,
    To her horror she finds her Lord,
    Supine, lying beneath her toe.

    Great is her shame at what she sees,
    In her great fury she had spared none,
    It needed Lord Shiva to stop her rage,
    She bites her tongue at what she has done.

    And thus we know the great Maa Kali,
    Ashamed, repentant for being blindly furious
    She stands for the two sides in ourselves,
    With the good trying to rule the evil in us.

    So every year we worship her,
    Each year we pay her our homages,
    And this is how “Kali Puja”,
    Goes on and on for ages.


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